About Us


The EQAUDIO HUNGARY  LLC. is a Budapest based professional audio distribution company. We offer live sound, installed audio, audio contractor, conference and mobil p.a. products for our partners.

Guiding principles

  • We are distributing well recognized professional audio brands and working with the manufacturers who in we believe. We are emphasized in our co-operations.
  • We are selling the product range only through reseller network.
  • The product support, help and training of our dealer partners are the most important parts of our job . Our goal is to sale the distributed brands in contribution with professional, well trained and customer focused product specialists.
  • Our group is friendly and amiable, plus we aim to serve our customers pliantly and in a high level. We believe the great bussiness is that where all of the participants are winner.


  • FBT – Italy
  • Outline – Italy
  • Ecler – Spain
  • Mipro – Taiwan
  • RCS Audio – Germany
  • Point Source Audio – USA
  • Xilica – Canada
  • RDL – USA
  • TOPP PRO – China


  • MTK – Hidegkúti Nándor Stadium– FBT, Ecler, Mipro, RCS (Zaj Rendszerház)
  • ZTE Stadium – Ecler, FBT (Demton Studió)
  • H&M stores – Ecler (Contractor: Megatone Kft.)

EAGLE OTTAWA Leather Factory – 2N, FBT (Contractor: Net-Maker Service Kft.)

  • Tokaji Amphitheatre – Outline (Contractor: Interton Kft.)
  • Avalon Park Hotel – FBT, Ecler, Mipro (Contractor: Zaj Rendszerház)
  • Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant – Ecler (Proinstall Kft.)
  • Hungarian Swimming Association – FBT, ECLER (Contractor: Zaj Rendszerház)
  • Gellérthegyi Paulines Church – Mipro (Mobil PA)
  • St Matias Church – Mipro mobil PA (EQ AUDIO & WEB Kft.)
  • Szimpatech Showtechnika – Exclusive Outline rental partner
  • Sakkmed 2005 Kft. | Eseményszervezés.hu – Exclusive FBT rental partner

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact with us.